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With our, AI and data strategy services, we can help you make the most of your data to grow your business

Data-driven insights

identify and collect the data you need to make better decisions. We will work with you to understand your business goals and objectives, and then help you identify the data that is most relevant to those goals.

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Data analysis

We can help you analyze your data to identify trends and patterns. We will identify the most important insights and present those in a clear and concise way.

AI solutions

Together, we identify tasks that could be automated and we can help you develop AI solutions to automate those. This will free up your employees to focus on more important tasks, and it will also improve the efficiency of your business.s

Strategy consulting

We can help you develop a data-driven strategy for your business. This will involve identifying areas where data can help, identifying the right data to use and finding the right tools - like analytics and AI - to make best use of your data for growing your business

Data Warehousing

You have a data source and want to use it professionally? We'll set up your state of the art data pipelines, data automation and data storage to provide you with a state of the art data warehouse.


Once we have developed a data-driven strategy, we can help you implement that strategy in your business. We will work with your team to ensure that the strategy is properly implemented, and we will also provide you with ongoing support.

Additional to these specific services, we're happy to discover and discuss your general data and AI use-case.

“Andreas has been known to me as an outstanding technologist and extremely trustworthy partner. With his efficient and focused way of working as well as his excellent communication skills, he has been instrumental in further developing and professionalizing our IoT platform as well as the know-how build-up in our teams. Without any reservation I can recommend a cooperation with Andreas.”

Paul Hofmann

BASF, VP R&D @SAP, CTO @Space-Time

Insight and CTO @Saffron Technology

Predictable Pricing With Reliable Output

Let's discuss your use-cases beforehand. I'll offer pricing which best fits the applications. No hidden fees, no outrageous numbers - let's do eye-to-eye business together. If you are not satisfied with my work - cancel anytime.

Fair rates - tailored to your needs

Custom Plan

Mulitple requests at the same time? Complex data integrations? Trainings and Workshops? No problem!

Thank you very much for your sound and high-quality advice and support. We were particularly impressed by your knowledge around machine data, UMATI and OPC UA. You mentored us at the right time and provided the right inputs and information. We will most certainly consult you again for future strategic decisions.

Wolfgang Preissegger
SOLA Messwerkzeuge GmbH

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Select the package you are interested in. I'll send you the details and my discovery process. No worries, you are still not obliged to pay anything!

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Why me?

As the former CTO of the IIoT Startup Senseforce, I'm able to relate to both, the technological and economic aspects of data. While I'm fascinated by the possibilities around data analytics and data science, I'm even more intrigued by how data can transform almost any aspect of business.

I quickly realized that this experience is not only relevant for me but also for many companies - in finding product and business bottlenecks, reducing costs and increasing sales and revenue. Instead of only focusing on the technical aspects of Data and Data Science, I start from a deep understanding of your businesses needs and develop a data strategy around them. This makes sure, that the projects I implement provide the huge amount of value they are known for.

Well-known companies with whom I have had the privilege to work are: Künz, Senseforce, Engie, Conductix Wampfler, EMCO, SOLA, Ivoclar Vivadent and many more.

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